Powers - Innate - Aspect of Leaves - Dot 3 - Seeds of Life

The Awakened can invest Aura into the form of a seed or fruit:

Action Main, Extended.
Cost Variable Aura, maximum spend equals [Manipulation + Awareness + Release Level, up to dots in Aspect of Leaves].
Roll 1 dice per Aura spent.
Effect Success – The Awakened may expend a Will and a success to bring a new Cintamani into existence. It takes the form of a small seed and has one point of Aura stored in it.
Alternate Effect Success – The awakened may invest an Aura per success into existing Seeds of Life, increasing the amount of Aura it stores and causing it to grow into a fruit of increasing size and apparent ripeness.
Effect Failure – each dice of failure dissipates a point of Aura.
Note The exact type of fruit formed is up to the Awakened. By default it probably grows to look like a plum or peach, but the size per amount stored can be varied, and features added such as shells, burrs, dandelion fluff, or seedpod style ‘wings’ . A [Intellect + Craft + Release Level up to dots in Aspect of Leaves] roll may be required for this.
Note Aura invested into a Seed of Life does not dissipate. The cintamani is a separate physical existence from the character. It won’t decay or rot but may be eaten (with so far unknown effect).
Note The Awakened is always aware of their cintamani’s location. It can, with penalties, sense and use powers through it. This uses the cintamani’s reserve of Aura if necessary.
Note Awakened can release Aura from Cintamani using Manifest Aura.

Note: This is an Innate Power which Aspects of Leaves can gain by Assimilating some Essence.

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Powers - Innate - Aspect of Leaves - Dot 3 - Seeds of Life

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