Powers - Innate - Aspect of Roots - Dot 0 - Burrowing Roots

The Awakened’s Aura extends as spiritual roots, burrowing through all suitable matter within a certain radius.

Action As part of Manifest Aura.
Limit Maximum Effect Level for the Obfuscating Manifestation equals the Awakened’s dots in Obfuscate. This does not allow the Awakened to exceed the total limit for aura manifest and invested.
Effect The Aura Manifests as ephemeral Roots which infiltrate all solid, contiguous, non-living material within 1 meter per Manifestation Effect Level of point of origin.

While the Awakened has Roots Aura Manifest:

The Awakened can sense moisture, density, texture, vibrations, and pressure within the material infested.
The Awakened gains +2 dice to Spirit Sense for supernatural phenomena touching or within the material infested.
The Awakened can draw moisture out of the infested material to satisfy their thirst.
If the Awakened moves away the aura of roots remains in the material it infested. Within a short range it will still contribute to Aura Level normally. At longer distances however it will encyst. The Awakened can still use encysted aura to sense and use powers from the infested material, although there may be penalties for distance.
The Awakened can cause the aura to move through material at up to one meter per turn as a Negligible action.

Note: This is an Innate Power gained by Aspects of Roots when they first Awaken.

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Powers - Innate - Aspect of Roots - Dot 0 - Burrowing Roots

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