Powers - Innate - Aspect of Roots - Dot 1 - Subtle Grasp

The Awakened’s aura of roots offers them sure grip even on the most treacherous of surfaces.

Action Negligible, Reactive.
React to Attempting a Maintain Balance, Climb, Move, Sprint, or similar maneuver in terrain infested with Burrowing Roots.
Roll [Wits + Survival + Release Level, up to dots in Aspect of Roots.
Cost Up to 1 Aura from Burrowing Roots manifestation per success.
Effect Add one success to maneuver per point of Aura spent.
Note As long as the Awakened spends at least one Aura (ie – gets at least one success), then this power can make it possible to move over impassible terrain (eg – climb sheer glass). It doesn’t actually decrease mundane difficulty, just adds supernatural successes.

Note: This is an Innate Power which Aspects of Roots can gain by Assimilating some Essence.

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Powers - Innate - Aspect of Roots - Dot 1 - Subtle Grasp

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