Powers - Innate - Aspect of Roots - Dot 2 - Entanglement

The character causes their Aura of roots to entangle an opponent:

Requires Target must be touching material infested with Burrowing Roots Aura.
Action Minor.
Duration While maintain sufficient Release Level, or until broken (see below).
Roll [Wits + Brawl + Release Level, up to dots in Aspect of Roots].
Cost Invest up to 1 Aura per success from Burrowing Roots Manifestation.
Effect The victim suffers a melee entanglement attack on the limb(s) touching the roots aura with successes equal to Aura invested. This attack can be dodged but not blocked. Reach does not give the defender any bonuses against this attack. Soak does not apply to this attack.
Effect For each success on the victim’s dodge a point of invested Aura returns to the Awakened’s roots manifestation.
Effect Successes remaining after dodge cause the victim to be Entangled. While entangled the victim can’t move and takes a penalty to all physical actions equal to the Effect Level of Aura invested in the Entanglement.
Note While entangled the victim can make a [Strength + Brawl] check to try to break free. Successes dissipate Aura from the entanglement. If all Aura is dissipated the victim can move.
Note The Awakened can use entanglement multiple times on the same victim. The victim gets a doge against each use, but all Aura invested combines into an entanglement with one Effect Level.
Note Entangle can be used with the Ready maneuver, and can be used from Encysted roots aura.

Note: This is an Innate Power which Aspects of Roots can gain by Assimilating some Essence.

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Powers - Innate - Aspect of Roots - Dot 2 - Entanglement

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