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An Awakened’s consciousness may spontaneously project into their Domain:

Requires Domain is undergoing midnight reckoning or character is asleep (not reliable).
Action None.
Cost None.
Effect The Awakened’s active body becomes non-responsive. It will automatically Draw Essence and Manifest Aura to Regenerate if required.
Effect The Awakened’s consciousness exists within their Domain. They can communicate with other aspects in the Domain, and use powers, but don’t (necessarily) have a physical body within the domain to move or affect things.
Effect The Awakened counts as ‘at the Domain’ for the use of powers and for calculating Aura Level, Release Level, etc.

An Awakened can attempt to split their consciousness between their Domain and their active vessel’s surroundings:

Action Minor, Once per Turn, Extended.
Roll [Composure + Awareness + Extrospection].
Cost Invest up to 1 Aura per success.
Effect The Awakened takes a penalty to most actions equal to the Dream’s Effect Level. This penalty does not effect rolls to spend or invest aura, or to manipulate or devour souls.
Effect Level One The Awakened is “at the domain” for the purposes of using Cries of the World, directing the breakdown of Soul Fragments into Essence, etc.
Effect Level Two The Awakened can use powers from their other vessels, or from remote manifestations or investments.
Effect Level Three The Awakened can use two vessels simultaneously. Taking the penalty to most actions.
Effect Level Four plus Each Effect Level after three allows the simultaneous use of another vessel.

Note: This is an Innate Power that the character gains on Awakening.

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Essential Tier:

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Powers - Innate - Domain Extrospection - Dot 0 - Domain Dreaming

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