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An Awakened can sense supernatural power in their vicinity:

Cost None.
Action Reactive, Negligible.
Responds to A change in area around Awakened.
Roll [Wits + Awareness + Extrospection].
Effect The Awakened experiences an ominous, hair lifting sensation. Because of their Malevolent Soul this is more likely to fill them with anticipation than fear.
Note Can oppose supernatural concealment effects by either noticing the thing concealed anyway, or by noticing the concealment effect itself (allowing Malevolent Soul to resist effect with penalties). Raising Spirit Sight (see below) can give a clearer view, removing some penalties.

An Awakened can intensify their passive sense into an active Spirit Sight:

Action Negligible.
Cost Invest 1 Aura.
Effect The Awakened’s eyes become vivid green. Their ears become pointed and long.
Effect +1 dice to Initiative rolls.
Effect +1 dice to rolls for perceiving mundane effects.
Effect add dice equal to [ Release Level, up to dots in Extrospection] to rolls for perceiving supernatural effects.
Effect On a successful roll, the character can ‘see’ supernatural energies.

While Spirit Sight is active, the Awakened can actively ‘look’ for supernatural presences.

Requires Spirit Sight is active.
Cost None.
Action Minor.
Roll Intellect + Awareness + Extrospection].
Effect Successes determine how well the Awakened ‘sees’ supernatural presences and effects.
Note It is possible to detect things covered by supernatural aversion effects using Spirit Sight if the thing covered is supernatural. It is also possible to detect and examine the effect itself, reducing penalties for Malevolent Soul to break the effect.

Note: This is an Innate Power that the character gains on Awakening.

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Essential Tier:

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Powers - Innate - Domain Extrospection - Dot 0 - Spirit Sense

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