Powers - Innate - Domain Extrospection - Dot 1 - Mind's Reach

An Awakened can create a waking gestalt with the other Awakened of the same Domain:

Cost Invest 1 Aura.
Action Minor.
Dice pool [Manipulation + Awareness + Extrospection] (no roll needed).
Effect Establish a gestalt (see below for uses).

Effects of the Gestalt:

Effect People in the gestalt who are at the same location get +1 to Initiative and Perception checks.
Effect People in the gestalt can only botch a perception check if everyone in the gestalt at that location botches their check.

While Mind’s Reach is active an Awakened can try to add non-awakened to the gestalt:

Limit Must be able to see or sense the targets.
Action Minor.
Roll [Manipulation + Awareness + Extrospection].
Penalties How well know person. How well can sense person. etc.
Cost Invest up to 1 Aura per success.
Effect For each aura invested the Awakened may add one of the targeted non-awakened entities to the gestalt .

While Mind’s Reach is active, anyone in the gestalt can talk to the others telepathically:

Cost None.
Action Negligible.
Effect Like a conference call in your head.

While Mind’s Reach is active, anyone in the gestalt can try to use the senses of another member of the gestalt in place of their own:

Cost None.
Action Minor.
Roll [Wits + Awareness + Extrospection] may be opposed.
Effect The character sees and senses what the other sees and senses. More successes means more clarity and duration.
Effect The character suffers -4 dice to use their own senses in the meantime.

Note: This is an Innate Power gained by Assimilating some Essence into the Extrospection Line of Powers.

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Powers - Innate - Domain Extrospection - Dot 1 - Mind's Reach

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