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An Awakened can mark a person, place, or thing with a sign of their favor, or of the opposite…

Requires Touch, or other close connection to target.
Action Minor.
Roll [Presence + Expression + Extrospection], may be opposed by target’s Will.
Cost On success: spend 1 Will, and invest up to 1 Aura per success.
Effect A mark appears on the subject where the Awakened touched. This mark contains the invested Aura. It can be subtle or obvious but colors and pattern usually reflect the bestowing Awakened’s aspect / nature.
Duration Permanent, does not dissipate on its own. The Awakened can manually dissipate the effect, and the mark bearer can extend their effort to resist the mark (one roll per day, each success dissipates 1 aura).

The following is known about marks and their bearers:

The mark is a supernatural effect and can be recognized as such.
Aura invested into a mark contributes to the bestower’s Release Level if the mark bearer is nearby, but otherwise is effectively encysted. It always counts towards the maximum amount of aura the bestower can manifest.
A marked person is much more likely to contribute Essence to the Domain.
It is much easier for the bestower to sense a bearer of their mark with Cries of the World. At reasonable distances the bestower will have an effortless, background awareness of their mark bearers’ distance, direction, health, and emotional state.
The bestower may add those who bear their mark to a Mind’s Reach gestalt at no cost, and with no roll required .
It is easier for the bestower to Spirit Step to the bearer of a mark.
Keep experimenting to find out more :)

Note: This is an Innate Power gained by Assimilating some Essence into the Extrospection Line of Powers.

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Powers - Innate - Domain Extrospection - Dot 2 - Bestow

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