Powers - Innate - Domain Extrospection - Dot 3 - Spirit Step

An Awakened pushes ‘sideways’ stepping beyond the boundaries of the world they are in:

Action Main, Extended.
Roll [ Intellect + Awareness + Release Level, up to dots in Extrospection].
Cost Up to 1 Aura per success.
Success Threshold 5 successes required to get to a spiritually ‘close’ destination. More may be required if the destination is ‘far’, or if there are barriers, less if stepping from a place where the gauntlet is thin.
Penalties If the Awakened can sense the destination less well. By default stepping to the Awakened’s own Domain, to a fellow Awakened of the same Domain, or to a mortal follower Bestowed with the mark of a fellow Awakened, won’t incur penalties unless hindered by a supernatural effects. Penalty for stepping to other locations will depend on how well perceived.
Effect As the character builds successes they blur, becoming less tangible. There is no mechanical benefit to this, but after a couple of successes they disappear. They are now between worlds. Things might take an interest if they linger too long…
Effect When the character builds enough successes they blur into existence at the destination.
Botch Effect Looooost in Spaaaaaaaace…. Or maybe just bounced off the wall a bit hard, will need time to rest and regather your focus before trying again.

Note: This is an Innate Power gained by Assimilating some Essence into the Extrospection Line of Powers.

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Powers - Innate - Domain Extrospection - Dot 3 - Spirit Step

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