Powers - Innate - Domain Extrospection - Dot 3 - Spirit Step

Awakened can open the way to step from the World to their Domain, or their Domain into the World:

Requires The Awakened must be able to see or sense their destination, Cries of the World is the most usual method.
Requires The Awakened must either be stepping from or to their Domain.
Action Minor, Once per Turn, Extended.
Roll [Intellect + Awareness + Extrospection].
Bonus When Spirit Stepping to the Domain add [Domain Growth Stage] dice to the roll.
Cost Spend up to 1 Aura per success.
Effect The first few aura spent opening a path through the gauntlet for the Awakened to step away from their location.
Effect The next few aura are spent continuing to open the way through spiritual space. Traversing the ‘distance’ between origin and destination.
Effect The last few aura are spent breaching any barriers so that the Awakened steps out into their destination.
Botch Effect Aura is lost into the botch. Perhaps the Awakened bounces off the wall, a rattling impact. Perhaps they have strayed off course. They may be drifting, falling… Looooooost in Spaaaaaaace…
Refinement Multiple Awakened can contribute to the same Spirit Step effort. Unless all of them botch at the same time the ones who don’t botch will keep control of their direction, although the botch will still affect how many more aura are needed to complete the step.
Refinement The Awakened can ‘carry’ other people with them. Adding an Awakened or Marked person requires an extra Aura at no penalty. Adding an unmarked person requires two extra aura and causes a -1 dice penalty to the roll. The ‘carried’ people must stick close to the Awakened opening the way, although they can walk before, beside, or behind.
Note The exact amount of Aura the Awakened needs to spend to leave or enter a location and to open the way between will depend on the ‘thickness’ of the gauntlet at those locations and the ‘distance’ between origin and destination. 5 aura is a typical requirement to step between the Domain and the congruent area of Earth (the city) {that’s 3 for the distance and 2 for the Earth’s gauntlet}. Caerns are usually locations where the gauntlet is thinner and the distance to a particular spiritual world reduced.
Note Barriers, wards, workings, injury, successive actions, etc can all penalize the roll for Spirit Step.
Note Travelers can’t really stop mid process as the way is unstable and will drift if the effort is halted.

Note: This is an Innate Power gained by Assimilating some Essence into the Extrospection Line of Powers.

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Powers - Innate - Domain Extrospection - Dot 3 - Spirit Step

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