Powers - Innate - Domain Extrospection - Dot 5 - Conjure

Awakened can summon things from, or send them to, their Domain:

Requires Touch target or have a clear idea where it is.
Action Minor, Extended.
Roll [Intellect + Awareness + Extrospection].
Bonus When sending things to the Domain add [Domain Growth Stage] dice to the roll.
Cost Invest up to 1 Aura per success.
Effect Investing aura builds a ‘displacement potentiality’ either: in a thing the Awakened grasps and at its destination in the Domain, or in the Awakened’s empty grasp and in a object within the Domain.
Effect When the character releases the potential the invested Aura is consumed. If sufficient potential was built up then either: The thing the Awakened is touching is sent to the Domain, or The thing the Awakened is summoning from the Domain appears within their grasp.
Botch Effect Best case, the extended effort fails, wasting spent aura. Worst case… “Oops?!”
Refinement Multiple Awakened can contribute to the same Conjure effort. However they must all be touching the same spot and building potentiality at the same time. During cooperating conjuring botches eat successes and don’t fail the effort unless all successes eliminated.
Note The exact amount of Aura needed depends on the size of the thing being conjured, the thickness of the gauntlet, and the distance between origin and destination. Between the Domain and the congruent area of Earth (the city) 1 aura is usually enough to conjure a hand gun or knife, 2 for an assault rifle, 3 for a heavy pack, 5 for a human, +1 aura for every fifty kilos or so added from there.
Note Conjure won’t sever things. While you might be able to send a stone that’s half buried in dirt, you can’t send one brick from a tightly mortared wall, and you can’t send half a human…

Awakened can ‘hotswap’ with one of their other vessels:

Requires At least one of the vessels must be at the Domain.
Action Minor, Extended.
Roll [Intellect + Awareness + Extrospection + Domain Growth Stage].
Cost Spend up to 1 Aura per success.
Effect As aura is spent a ‘displacement potentiality’ builds up in the Awakened’s grasp until the success threshold is reached. Doing something else while building up potentiality ends the extended effort.
Effect When enough aura has been spent the Awakened’s current vessel swaps with their other vessel which becomes their current vessel. Investments and Manifestations which are not part of the Awakened’s vessel remain. Investments and Manifestations which are, go with the vessel they are part of.
Botch Effect The extended effort fails, wasting spent aura. There is no dramatic botch effect.
Note This usage requires the same amount of aura as Spirit Stepping one body to the Tree. Amount depends on thickness of gauntlet, distance, and size of the larger body. Five points is a normal cost for hotswapping when on an area of Earth congruent to the Domain (ie the city). Barriers, wards, etc can all interfere.

Awakened can conjure forth an Incarnation of the Domain:

Requires A location which has been Gnawed.
Action Main.
Roll [Intellect + Awareness + Extrospection].
Cost Spend 1 Will and up to 1 Aura per success, to a maximum of the quintessence value of the sacrifice.
Extra Cost Sacrifice a Corporeal Investment of Will and Aura (eg: a Bestowed mark or Seed of Life).
Effect As aura is spent a ‘displacement potentiality’ builds up in the sacrifice.
Effect When the Awakened stops spending Aura the sacrifice is destroyed. A seedling Incarnation of the Domain sprouts from it, taking root into the gnawed space.
Effect The seedling immediately grows an amount equal to the Aura spent.

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Powers - Innate - Domain Extrospection - Dot 5 - Conjure

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