Powers - Innate - Domain Introspection - Dot 0 - Assimilate

An Awakened can draw on their Domain to develop their Innate Powers or reduce their vessel’s Instability:

Action As part of the Domain’s midnight reckoning.
Requires Must be at the Domain.
Cost Essence up to the Release Level.
Note Since stored Essence determines Aura Level while at the Domain, then Release Level will equal the Domain’s Growth Stage unless reserves of Essence are very low.
Effect Gain one Experience point per Essence spent toward your next dot in a line of Innate Powers, as long as the next dot isn’t higher than the Domain’s Growth Stage.
Alternate Effect Reduce a vessel’s Instability by one per point of Essence spent. You can chose which type of Instability to reduce.

Note: This is an Innate Power that the character gains on Awakening.

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Powers - Innate - Domain Introspection - Dot 0 - Assimilate

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