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Other creatures recognize the Awakened as supernatural and seem to find them… familiar:

Effect Other supernaturals may sense the inhuman force within the Awakened but seem to see it as an echo of their own true natures…
Note Raising Release Level seems to make this easier to sense, ie make the Awakened seem more powerful. It might also make the differences between the Awakened and everything else clearer.

Malevolence makes the Awakened feel indomitable.

Effect Awakened are immune to mundane intimidation, coercion, and social conditioning. They are free from fear and insecurity. They do not care where they fit in within a pecking order, and are more likely to grin in the anticipation of violence than be cowed by threats or browbeating.
Note This does not mean they are incapable of caution, common sense, or social conformity, just that they are free from the need to be cautious or to fit in.

Awakened may actively resist supernatural coercion.

Action Negligible, Reactive (sometimes), Once per Turn per effect, Extended.
Responds to Existence of a coercive effect on character.
Roll [ Will + Introspection].
Cost Up to 1 Aura per success.
Effect Aura spent removes successes from the effect on that Awakened.
Note The Awakened may make this resistance check even it the coercion effecting it would not usually allow one.
Note The character can make extended attempts at resisting the coercive effect, wearing it down over time.
Note Supernatural aversion techniques tend to conceal themselves as well as the thing they’re used on. A character needs to know the effect is there to resist it (Spirit Sense) and be able to perceive it clearly ( Spirit Sight) to resist it without penalties.
Note Malevolent Soul does not help an Awakened resist their own Temptations.

Note: This is an Innate Power that the character gains on Awakening.

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Powers - Innate - Domain Introspection - Dot 0 - Malevolent Soul

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