Powers - Innate - Domain Introspection - Dot 2 - Enhance

An Awakened can harness a side effect of raising its Release Level to temporarily Enhance its mortal vessel.

Action Reactive, Negligible.
Responds to Going up a Release Level.
Cost None.
Roll None.
Duration While maintain the Release Level which triggers each dot gain.
Effect The Awakened may temporarily gain their next dot in an Attribute of their choice as long as the dot’s value is equal to or less than the Release Level that granted it.
Note Gaining (and losing) temporary dots affects Health and Will.

Note: This is an Innate Power gained by Assimilating some Essence into the Introspection Line of Powers.

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Dot 0 – Regenerate


Dot 1 – Absorb
Dot 2 – Enhance
Dot 3 – Circulate
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Powers - Innate - Domain Introspection - Dot 2 - Enhance

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