Powers - Vampire - Obfuscate - Dot 1 - Sleight Aversion

The Awakened surrounds themself in a cloud of Obfuscation which aids their efforts at subterfuge:

Action As part of Manifest Aura.
Limit Maximum Effect Level for the Obfuscating Manifestation equals the Awakened’s dots in Obfuscate. This does not allow the Awakened to exceed the total limit for aura manifest and invested.
Effect The Awakened manifests a subtle aura of Obfuscation around themselves.

While an Obfuscating Manifestation is in effect:

The Awakened may add dice equal to it’s Effect Level to attempts to lie, steal, or hide, (this is a coercive supernatural effect and may be detected, resisted, or obstructed as such).

Note: This is an Vampiric Power which Awakened can gain by Absorbing some Soul Fragments.

Links to other Obfuscate powers:

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Powers - Vampire - Obfuscate - Dot 1 - Sleight Aversion

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