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The Awakened transforms their Obfuscating Shroud so that it projects familiarity:

Requires Manifestation of Obfuscating Shroud.
Action Minor.
Dice Pool [Manipulation + Subterfuge + Obfuscate], no roll required.
Cost 1 Aura, spent from Obfuscating Shroud.
Effect The shroud transforms subtly.

While Acceptance is in effect:

People tend to assume they know, or know of the Awakened, and that the Awakened has every right to be there.
If given reason (see below) to challenge the Awakened’s identity, then observers get a Will check to resist the effect. The Will check requires successes greater than Obfuscating Shroud’s manifestation level to succeed.
Once an observer succeeds a Will check they become immune to that Acceptance effect for the rest of the scene. Reactions vary, most observers will focus on the character, finding it strange that they ever thought they belonged.
Acceptance weakens rapidly with distance. By default it affects everyone in a room, while very powerful manifestations might cover an auditorium. Distant observers however will not be affected, nor will indirect observers (via video, isolated reflection, etc).
Note that Awakened use Malevolent Soul in place of Will checks to overcome effects like Acceptance.

Reasons for challenging Acceptance:

“You don’t just suddenly belong!” Activating Acceptance after people have started interacting gives them a Will check by default. Note that a successful use of Sleight Aversion and some quick talking might prevent this.
“Nice to meet you” Being specifically introduced, or otherwise becoming the focus of attention, allows observers to make perception checks against the Awakened’s acting ability. If an observer gains successes greater than Acceptance’s effect level then they spot enough details to make a Will check. Note that supernatural senses aid such perception checks, but are weakened by the default effect of Obfuscating Shroud.
“It’s my job.” Passing a security checkpoint, being showed to ask your ID, or any situation where the other person is required to check your identity allows them to make a Will check, assuming you don’t successfully use some Sleight Aversion and quick talking.
“How rude!” Drastically botching attempts to fit in, or deliberately acting in a manner unacceptable to those around the Awakened gives observers a Will check. Note that violence might be acceptable to bystanders in some circumstances, however its nearly always enough to make the person being stabbed take a second look.
“Hmmm” Minor botches, or not knowing the small details necessary to fit in might provoke a perception check to spot enough other details to provoke a full Will challenge.

The Awakened can revert their Obfuscating Shroud so that it no longer projects familiarity:

Action Minor.
Dice Pool [Manipulation + Subterfuge + Obfuscate], no roll needed.
Cost None.
Effect The effects of Acceptance end. Other effects of the Obfuscating Shroud remain.

Note: This is an Vampiric Power which Awakened can gain by Absorbing some Soul Fragments.

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Powers - Vampire - Obfuscate - Dot 3 - Acceptance

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