Powers - Vampire - Obtenebration - Dot 1 - Shadow Cloak

The Awakened manifests aura as a cloak of shadows:

Requires Essence or Aura of Darkness, drawn into the Awakened’s Vessel.
Action As part of Draw Essence or Circulate.
Effect The Awakened may transform points of freshly drawn Essence into Aura of Darkness and manifest that Aura as a Shadow Cloak.
Alternate Effect The Awakened may manifest points of Aura of Darkness drawn from the Domain or elsewhere as a Shadow Cloak.
Effect Shadows cloak the Awakened’s skin.

While the Shadow Cloak aura is manifest:

Weak Sunlight falling on the Shadow Cloak dissipates 2 manifested Aura per round.
Bright Sunlight dissipates 5 Invested aura per round.
The Awakened may add dice equal to the manifestation’s Effect Level to attempts to intimidate opponents who were innocent of the supernatural’s existence.
The Awakened gains +1 dice even against opponents who were already aware of the supernatural.
Attempts to see, shoot, or recognize the Awakened from beyond melee range suffer a penalty equal to the Cloak’s Effect Level in Dim or darker environments. Wearing a hood grants the penalty to recognition even in Well Lit environments.
Treat the character as if the light falling on it were Effect Level steps dimmer.

Note: This is an Vampiric Power which Awakened can gain by Absorbing some Soul Fragments.

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Powers - Vampire - Obtenebration - Dot 1 - Shadow Cloak

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