Powers - Vampire - Obtenebration - Dot 2 - Smothering Shadows

The Awakened command’s the shadows cloaking them to impede and drain a foe:

Requires The Awakened must be Cloaked in Shadow.
Requires Target must be within [10 meters per Effect Level] of the Shadow Cloak manifestation.
Action Minor.
Roll [Presence + Intimidation + Obtenebration].
Cost Invest up to 1 point of Aura per success from the Awakened’s Shadow Cloak.
Effect Shadows flow from the Awakened’s Shadow Cloak to Smother the victim.
Effect The victim suffers an attack with successes equal to Aura invested. This attack can be dodged but not blocked.
Effect For each success on the victim’s dodge a point of invested Aura returns from the attack to the Awakened’s Shadow Cloak.
Effect For each success remaining on the attack 1 point of aura is invested into a Smothering Shadows effect on the victim.

While Shadows Smother a victim:

The victim’s sight is dimmed, penalizing all sight based actions by dice equal to the shadows’ Effect Level.
The victim’s Stamina is suppressed by dots equal to the shadows’ Effect Level. This temporarily reduces the victim’s Health. If Stamina is reduced to 0 or less in this way the victim falls unconscious.
The victim makes a Will check at the start of each turn as a Negligible action (even if unconscious). Each success dissipates an aura from the Smothering Shadows effect.
Note: Supernatural Power adds to Stamina for the purposes of resisting unconsciousness. It also adds to the Will roll for mitigating the effect.

Note: This is an Vampiric Power which Awakened can gain by Absorbing some Soul Fragments.

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Powers - Vampire - Obtenebration - Dot 2 - Smothering Shadows

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