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An Awakened can gain this power multiple times at a cost of 1 exp each time.
Each time they gain this power the player selects a transformation (suggestions below).
Each time the character uses this power it may cause one of the transformations known.
Multiple uses of this power can cause multiple transformations (one each), but aura invested into each transformation is separate and does not stack for the purposes of Effect Levels.
Transformations with the same effect don’t stack.

The Awakened can transform gaining a bestial sense:

Action Negligible.
Roll [Wits + Animal Ken + Release Level, up to dots in Protean].
Cost Invest 1 Aura if have at least 1 success.
Effect Undergo one of the transformations the character knows.

Potential Transformations:

Transformation Effects
Cat’s eyes Slit pupil.
Reflective retina.
Ignore perception penalties for low light and fast movement.
Wolf’s nose Become color blind.
Gain ability to detect faint scents, including traces left behind.
Bat’s ears Gain Echo location, acute hearing, and a squeaky voice.
Potential to be disorientated by loud noise.
Snake’s tongue By flickering out tongue gain ability to detect lingering traces of scent and heat, also gain speech impediment.
? ? ? Feel free to suggest your own transformation.

Note: This is an Vampiric Power which Awakened can gain by Absorbing some Soul Fragments.

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Powers - Vampire - Protean - Dot 1 - Bestial Senses

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