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The Awakened creates a manifestation of an ancient, alien force:

Requires Essence or Spiritual Aura, drawn into the Awakened’s Vessel.
Action As part of Draw Essence or Circulate.
Effect The Awakened may transform points of freshly drawn Essence into Spiritual Aura and manifest that Aura as Vissic Flesh.
Alternate Effect The Awakened may manifest points of Spiritual Aura drawn from the Domain or elsewhere as Vissic Flesh.
Effect The potential for change builds within the Awakened’s flesh.

While Vissic Flesh is manifest:

Nothing happens… yet.

The Awakened can sculpt the surface layer of a subjects living flesh… permanently:

Action Main, Extended.
Roll [Intellect + Medicine + Vicissitude].
Penalties The detail and finickiness of the change, the difficulty of getting at the relevant parts etc.
Modifier Risky.
Cost Spend up to 1 Aura per success from the Vissic Flesh manifestation.
Effect Sculpt flesh and cartilage with each Aura spent. The story teller will tell you how much effort is needed.
Possible changes include: Facial features, skin tone, eye color (tricky), hair color, hair growth pattern, voice (tricky), and weight. Does not alter bone structure (and therefore does not alter height significantly).
Effect On botch Aura is wasted, and the sculpting doesn’t quite come out how you intended….
Note These changes are permanent, but can not affect a character’s statistics, (no extra strength or presence for example). It is true however that a beautiful person may be treated differently from a horrendously ugly one. And botches can leave disabling scars…
Note It is possible, but quite difficult to create a ‘look alike’ using this power assuming you start with people of similar build.

Note: This is an Vampiric Power which Awakened can gain by Absorbing some Soul Fragments.

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Powers - Vampire - Vicissitude - Dot 1 - Malleable Visage

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