Rituals - Abyssal Mysticism - Dot 2 - Lesser Shadow Servant

Summon servants from the void between worlds who hide in your shadow and slip forth to do your bidding.

Tradition Abyssal Mysticism.
Required Skill Dot 2 in Occult.
Required Power Dot 2 in Obtenebration, and therefore Release Level 2.
Required Situation Must be performed on a surface within Stygian or deeper darkness.
Required Reagent Ink prepared with at least two quintessence worth of low grade, entropy aligned, magical material. This material is consumed during the ritual. Blood from a normal vampire is suitable.
Step One Using the ink the practitioner encloses an area of stygian darkness within magic circles. Extended roll, [Intellect + Occult + Release Level, up to dots in Obtenebration]. By default its ten minutes per roll with 5 successes required. If successful the darkness should become a temporary, semi-permiable portal into the void.
Step Two Using Smothering Shadows practitioner projects their shadow through the enclosed darkness into the Void. Then they must wait, making a [Will + Release Level, up to dots in Obtenebration] check every hour to keep the portal open while the storyteller makes a luck roll to see if passing spirits are attracted to the character’s shadow. This step is disparagingly known as “abyssal fishing”. There is a small chance (storyteller’s roll) that an atypical spirit will be attracted during this step.
Step Three If a spirit of the Void latches onto the character’s shadow a struggle for dominance begins. The character chants secret words of power and struggles with the spirit using their shadow. Extended roll, [Will + Release Level, up to dots in Obtenebration] verse the spirit’s [Will + Spiritual Strength] . Gaining five advantage is required to win. If the spirit wins it will (usually) escape deeper into the Void. If the practitioner wins they drag the spirit out into the physical world. The magical circle closes, binding the spirit permanently into the practitioner’s shadow and transforming it into a (usually) obedient Lesser Shadow Servant. Note that some of the traits of atypical spirits may survive the transformation into servitude.

Notes on Lesser Shadow Servants:

Once a week or so (at low exertion) they must be fed with darkness aspected material containing at least one point of low grade quintessence or the spirit will fade. Vampire blood is suitable for this.
They can understand, and will (usually) obey their master
They can travel through shadows, although only up to a certain range of their master. While the servant is away the master’s shadow is lessened or absent.
They can perceive things in shadows via their own spiritual senses. Magical creatures, items, and locations are perceived most clearly, living creatures next, then most dimly innate, non-magical material.
They can. while touching their master, telepathically relay sights and sounds they have perceived.
They can move and carry light objects.
They grow stronger and more intelligent over time especially if fed magical substances. Stronger shadow servants can travel greater distances, move heavier items, cause damage in combat, come to understand human speech and even produce it. They may also grow stronger willed and unruly. They may also evolve into a greater shadow servant (“I choose you!”).
Unwilling or unruly shadow servants may directly contest their master’s will. Alternately they may passive-aggressively construe their master’s orders in strange and legalistic ways.
The master can provoke a will contest in order to cause pain to their shadow servant through the bindings placed during the ritual (assuming the ritual worked perfectly).
A practitioner can bind multiple servants into their shadows. This increases the difficulty of controlling them.

Rituals - Abyssal Mysticism - Dot 2 - Lesser Shadow Servant

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