Rituals - Abyssal Mysticism - Dot 3 - Comforting Darkness

The character enchants an area so that the darkness within it resists illumination and can act as a reservoir of supernatural power.

Tradition Abyssal Mysticism
Required Skill Dot 3 in Occult.
Required Power Dot 3 in Obtenebration, and therefore Release Level 3.
Required Situation Must be performed within an area completely immersed in Stygian or deeper darkness.
Required Reagent Ink prepared with at least ten quintessence worth of medium grade, entropy aligned, magical material. This is consumed during the ritual. Blood from a strong vampire is suitable.
Description First the character must attune themself to the stygian darkness, a process that usually takes several hours but can be sped up with an occult roll. Then, activating Flesh of Darkness to further blend them self in, the practitioner must, without any illumination, use the ink to rapidly enclose the area within magic circles.
Roll Extended roll, [Intellect + Occult + Release Level, up to dots in Obtenebration]. Minimum of 3 successes are required on a maximum of three rolls.
Note By default the area to be enclosed can be up to a three meter diameter. Larger areas can be attempted, but require more reagent and suffer a penalty to each roll for increased difficulty.
Result If successful the practitioner has semi-permanently enchanted the area with comforting darkness, a haven attuned to their soul. The number of successes achieved becomes the enchantment’s initial and maximum Rank. If more than ten successes were achieved more ink would have to be consumed to gain extra ranks.

Properties of Comforting Darkness.

Has a current rank and maximum rank (like health boxes). Both start at the number of successes achieved in the ritual.
Resists light. The light level of any illumination brought into the area drops by [the darkness’s strength divided by three]. Continuous exposure to sunlight will wear the darkness away. First any power stored within it depletes at 1 point per hour, then the darkness itself loses 1 rank per hour.
Weakens over time. The darkness loses one rank per month, even if it is never exposed to sunlight.
Stores magical power. By default, if the darkness is not at capacity then it will leach and store one unit of compatible magical power (the texts say vitae) per day from a person who rests within it. The maximum amount of energy the darkness can store equals its maximum rank. An attuned person can chose to have the darkness replenish their personal reserves while they rest rather than leach from them, transferring up to as many points as they can hold or as there is in the darkness.
Regenerates. If the darkness has energy in storage, and if its current rank is lower than its maximum rank, it will consume one unit of energy per night to regenerate one rank.
Can be replenished by recasting the ritual. If Comforting Darkness is cast on an existing area of comforting darkness: Botches are bad. Successes of less than the existing darkness’s maximum rank heal the existing darkness’s rank (up to max) and then replenish its reserves of power on a 1 success per rank or point basis. Successes of more than the existing darkness’s maximum rank increase its maximum to the successes achieved rank and heal its current rank to the new maximum.

Rituals - Abyssal Mysticism - Dot 3 - Comforting Darkness

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