Roll Conventions

Fist full of dice

Scoop up as many dice as you’ve got dots in the statistic(s) named for the type of roll you’re doing.

The storyteller may remove or add dice to your pool depending on the circumstances. They may also require multiple successes in some situations.

Expend a Will to add more dice (optional)

You can add three dice to your pool by expending a single will point (if you have any remaining).

You can only expend one will per action this way.

You can expend will and roll extra dice after making a roll, but before declaring your successes to the storyteller (ie before results are described).

Spending your will lowers the number of dice you use for will rolls. Expended Will replenishes at 1 per night (of good rest) up to the character’s maximum, (resolve + composure).

Roll ’em

8s, 9s, and 10s are successes, (for almost every roll except initiative). Count them.

For initiative rolls: 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s are successes.

1s eat successes (unskilled or risky only)

Skip this step unless it is a roll involving either; a skill in which you are untrained, or a maneuver that is risky.

Otherwise, any 1s you have rolled remove (and are removed by) successes. They remove 10s first (before those 10s could cause roll another).

10s roll again

After 1s eat successes.

If you have any 10s left roll an extra die for each 10 you have.

Add successes to your count.

10s rolled on the extra die give you more extra die to roll and so on.

Natural botch

At this point if you have no successes (left) but still have 1s (left) then you’ve botched.

The more 1s you have left the worse it gets, beware of burning churches.

Resistance reduces success

If someone or thing is contesting your action attempt with a roll of their own their successes reduce yours (and vice versa).

Consequences are adjudicated on who has successes left.

Ongoing Struggles

Some rolls and contests can be continued over several turns with accumulated successes going up (and down) over turns.

A botch on any given roll in an ongoing effort is usually enough to abort the whole effort there requiring (at the very least) the character to start again from scratch.

In an ongoing contest excess successes on the resistance roll eat successes accumulated by the actor’s previous rolls.

Roll Conventions

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