Roll of the Fallen

Wednesday, 3rd August

A two headed dog monstrosity
“the great shit” (another two headed dog)
killed at a roadblock ambush within One Tree Hill Rent
a twelve foot tall vozhd monstrosity
Abigail Pratt
killed at a second ambush on way down into the rent.

Wednesday 3rd August

Flaming Knives ganger A
Flaming Knives ganger B
Flaming Knives ganger C
Flaming Knives ganger D
Maen Bok
fell in combat after attacking Isobella’s house, several were devoured.

Second of August

Zoe Nelson
Benjamin Pratt
Devoured by Anthony In Isobella’s home after sucumbing to Infection.
7 Infected humans from Prince Ruairc’s household Devoured in the underground garage at Isobella’s house by Anthony, Donald, and Saul after being sent over by the Prince as negotiated for help in looking for a cure to the Infection

Third week of July 2016, Inner North

Skinny guy
Big fella
Ganger A
Ganger B
Young fella
R-Zee gang vampire fledgelings (most of the leadership actually) killed in battle in beer garden of a geebung pub. All Devoured.

Second week of July 2016, Inner West

Two R-Zee gang members and fledgeling vampires. Captured and Interrogated after being discovered searching Belinda’s House. Both Devoured.

Mid June 2016, South side Brisbane

Impoverished Student Struck by a car while walking home late at night, and then passed over by the aspect of leaves which later merged with Belinda

Roll of the Fallen

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