The Camarilla

A global organisation of the vampires who rule cities from behind the scenes.

The ancient source of the traditions which keep vampire society together and for recognition of rule and Princedoms.

The Traditions

Secrecy Do not Reveal the existence of vampire society.
Obedience The word of the Prince is law.
Progeny Do not turn mortals into vampires without permission.
Responsibility The Sire may slay their own Childer, or bear their sins.
Presentation Present yourself to the Prince on entry to their city.
Murder Do not kill other Vampires.

Known Subfactions

The Inner Council ^
Clan Ventrue
Clan Nosferatu
Vampire Rulers of the City
Vampire Rulers of Sydney
Vampire Rulers of Adelaide

Associated Factions

Clan Giovanni
Vampire Rulers of the Gold Coast

The Camarilla

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