The Performing Arts Center

A big building on SouthBank where operas and things are held.

It seems the Vampire Rulers of the City hold this building as “Elysium”, a place where no weapons or attacks are allowed, and where a member of “high society” may call for the Prince’s Justice.

William Negis is the “Keeper of Elysium” and presumably commands the Guards of Elysium.


The Foyer Huge and spacious with mingling and dining areas as well as bars.
Main Theater Hall Seats 2000 people, with several modern balconies.
Back area Entrance Private receiving area with metal detectors fitted into door frame
The Stage Underground. Small half round theater with three wings of seating, giving a total capacity of 50 or so. Vampires use as a meeting hall. Each aisle seems to lead out to a separate exit, plus the backstage exit.


Thursday 28th July 2016 Isobella takes the characters to see a theatrical production at the order of the prince. They meet several important people there.
Late July The Awakened attended the Prince’s summons to the building and were placed under Isobella’s care.

The Performing Arts Center

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