The Prince's Household

Ruairc O Ruairc, Prince of the Vampire Rulers of the City is reputed to keep a small household.

As he claims the suburbs Ascot, Hamilton, Bulimba, and Hawthorne as his private territory his retainers and properties are probably situated there in the main.

Known Members

Rourke the man himself
Tio Rourke’s werewolf boon companion
Mikael Verneti Rourke’s Bailiff
Harry Lhamo A human member of the Prince’s household, became infected and was delivered to the characters.

Previous members

Human A
Human B
Human C
Human D
Human E
Human F
Human G
Infected members of the Prince’s household that were delivered to the characters on Anthony’s request after he healed Curtis. They got Devoured, even the ones that weren’t completely dead yet.

Known Locations

none known yet

The Prince's Household

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