updates for 19 part 2

holy shit I finally finished!!! Thanks so much for the duel browser copy paste tip

A heap of changes. This log won’t capture them all (I just can’t remember well enough what I’ve done). But basically all powers, maneuvers, rules, concepts, modifiers, etc have been rewritten (litterally everything except equipment) – don’t ask why, it was to make some links work and it just became a bigger and bigger job as it went along – nightmare stuff.

Movement Allowance has been removed from the game:

Instead movement maneuvers have been changed to a distance per minor action so that successive action penalty can govern how far your character can get (keep taking minor actions till you run out of dice pool).

Move maneuvers have been given [Dexterity + Athletics] dice pools. I’m not doing the “or strength” thing sorry, going with the 3m Move instead.

if you can move as part of another action (eg attack) then to move you need dice left in your move dice pool.

The “aura up to successes” cost mechanic has been applied to nearly every power:

I like it.

It works awesomely with investment effects.

It does mean you may need to take more minor actions to get the same sized effect as under the old rules, but it should scale better as your Aura pools increase factorially.

It will have a major effect on regeneration (even bigger than on healing) since regen is a ‘once per turn’ action (I think).

Circulate and Seeds of Life work in a reverse form of this mechanic – you risk points of aura up to dice pool, then roll for each aura risked. Therefore higher skill doesn’t improve conversion rate (roughly 1/3rd) it improves the speed with which you can reclaim aura.

Nearly all powers have been given [Attribute + Skill + Release Level, up to dots in blah] type rolls (or at least dice pools):

Will rolls have been limited (almost) to resistance type effects.

Occult skill has been limited (almost) to rituals.

Uninvesting aura from a persistant effect has been given [Manipulation + Awareness + Release Level, up to dots in blah] by default, although I’m not sure about this.

Your mileage may vary on other powers. Generally there should be a bit of a theme about the nature of the powers in a line, but I’ll probably be tweaking this a bit on saturday once had a chance to step back and take a better look.

Getting some better use out of Effect Level stuff:

Basically Effect Level now restricted to persistent effects (with aura invested into them), while one shot powers scale in direct proportion to aura spent.

More powers are now persistent effects, with aura invested into them and technically reclaimable.

Made it so that lines of powers like Obfuscate and Obtenebrate use one core Effect Level each, with higher dot powers transforming how the effect expresses itself. Contrasting with Protean where you can set up several different effects each with their own effect level.

Oh yeah, toughening powers now grant +1 dice per effect level rather than per two effect levels.

There are a very few powers (obtenebration) where you use aura invested in one effect to produce another effect – I can see a clearer way to write this but it requires me to change all manifestation effects so I’m leaving that for now.

Dodging and blocking has been rewritten:

There is now a series of different dodge type maneuvers with the better versions requiring you to move or use a weapon.

Releasing aura from a cintimani or the Tree is now a usage of Manifest Aura:

yep it makes sense now.

its also a way to shikai, but expensive in a stratigic sense.

Splitting attention between Tree and Physical world is now a usage of Domain Dreaming:

another one of those one’s that finally makes sense when it find’s the right home.

Stagger is changed a bit:

removed with maneuvers (gather wits, take stock) or magic healing.

heals in proportion to stamina.

Zombie Infection got changed:

It’s a nerf for the zombies on average, but variability is increased.

Now doing hourly checks for 10 hours using dice equal to the number of hours each time. The infection must now roll instead of getting automatic successes.

Also, from progress level 8up the infected person is now losing soul fragments (still fully turns at 10).

Healing now reduces progress that has happened, rather than preventing progress from happening.

This means that in the worst case (all will fails verse all parasite successes) the minimum time to turn is 4 hours and max healing possibly required is 55points (as opposed to 3 hours and forty something points).

In the average case however a person with two Will would require only four points of healing to keep them technically human, and ten or so points to prevent loss of soul fragmentation / instability buildup.

It is now possible for people to survive infection on their own, not likely, but possible. Infection can still take down humans with five will

Arms, Legs, and heads got buffed:

you get +1 soak for getting hit on a hard bit.

they still get ripped off pretty easy however.

Roots aura radius measured by effect level again:

direct proportion was going to get really rediculous quickly, don’t know what I was thinking.

The initiative system changed, but I think we did that last time:

Grapple changed a bit but I can’t quite remember how:

Meld wood is now awesome (possessed trees – its one of the last things I did):

Changed wording on Devour’s self cannibalism usage opens up some opportunities for the masochistic:

A shitton of other little changes of the type that comes when you redraft everything, you’ll just have to read your powers and maneuvers again – probably introduced a bunch of mistakes too – and like I say I’m gonna run over which attributes and skills are used tomorrow, they should be more diverse but not too random.

updates for 19 part 2

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