updates for 20

Corrected Domain Dreaming:

Added Awareness to the roll for splitting consciousness.

Corrected Bestow:

The Will expenditure is now on success rather than upfront.

Added some gear:

Pole Saber
Simple Spear
Lisa’s Sig
Lisa’s 10 gauge pump action

Changed to having aura manifestations:

Manifestations each have an effect level rather than using an overall aura level.

The maximum effect level can build a manifestation up to equals dots in relevant line of powers (this does not allow to exceed total limit aura that can be manifest and invested).

Some powers require aura of a particular type / from a particular manifestation.

Far more powers are now investments, (inc spirit sight, mind’s reach, domain dreaming, celerity, potence, fortitude).

Reclaiming invested aura is now part of Circulate, and put aura into the Tree.

Rewrote Bestial Senses and Gifts of Metis, and removed Totem. They’re still investment effects, but it’s part of this reshuffle honest.

updates for 20

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