updates for 21

Changed Aura and Release Level:

Invested aura now counts toward Release Level. It’s tokens, they’re on the board, I can see it happening anyway so may as well roll with it.

Changed Manifest Aura:

Added a dissipate aura usage so that you can consciously drop transformations etc

If succumb to temptation to regenerate when in situation where investments mean can’t manifest aura to do so will dissipate to be able to manifest so can regenerate – but dissipating is useful in other cases too, like if have transformed into a monster and want to look presentable without waiting for it to wear off on own…

Removed “start of turn” and “once per turn” from draw essence to manifest aura usage. Replaced it with a limit saying can only draw essence per turn equal to domain’s growth stage.

Reworded the limit for maximum aura that can be manifest. It used to reference Aura Level which no longer exists as a concept, now just refers to total aura manifest and invested.

Changed Circulate:

Added a usage to convert aura from one type / manifestation to another.

Changed Smothering Shadows:

The victim now only takes a will check to disipate at the start of their turn only if they haven’t made such a check since their last turn. They still get a reactive will against each application of shadows.

Added some links:

Basically at the bottom of each power’s page there are now links to the other powers in the same discipline / line. Hope it helps :)

updates for 21

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