Kapre Aswang

Changelog after 7

its a thing...

So I’ve decided to write a changelog between sessions to make it easier for folk to keep track of… changes.

This week:

Attribute Pumping:

Each Release Level achieved now allows you to add a temporary dot of up to level 5 to any attribute.

Changes to Initiative

Is now difficulty 8.

Is no longer rolled each round.

Instead roll [wits + alertness] at the start of the combat and keep that result for subsequent rounds as well.

Activating powers like celerity now allows you to roll additional dice when activated with successes adding to your current initiative score,.

Maneuvers are being rewritten. Some will grant dice to roll to potentially improve your initiative score. Others will reduce your initiative score.

Changes to Successive action penalty

Main and minor actions no longer generate successive action penalty by default, some just decrease your initiative score for example.

However, any action whose dice pool would be reduced to 0 by successive action penalty can not be taken, even if no roll is required (sometimes just have to extrapolate which roll would cover that action if a roll were required).

Changes to Domain – Dot 0 – Devour

Require to spend a grapple success against conscious, physically resisting victim (can grapple in same round). Need to maintain control of grapple to extend attempt over multiple rounds.

Victim only gets one resist roll per turn.

Victim bonus dice reduced to 2 per fully healthy level and 1 per bruised level.

Victim gets 2 stagger per soul fragment removed (as well as derangements etc).



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