Kapre Aswang

Session 0


Set in a world of darkness brisbane this is the story of a handful of mortals who find themselves beyond death, fallen into supernatural underworld of this corrupt and violent city. Or perhaps it is the story of aspects of a demontree, finding themselves mortal flesh through which to enter a new world and feed….

In this world, stories of hauntings, monsters, and macabre murder are not fiction. They are not told for entertainment. No, they are whispered truths, rumored news of events hidden and suppressed.

Of late new stars have appeared, their red burning gaze washes the moon in ichor. Some can not see them. Science can not measure their light A few even deny their existence, talking of mass hysteria, fashionable delusion. But there are also those who feel the red stars burn even in brightest noon day light, who feel driven to stand on street corners and scream final warning.


Next Session – Awakenings



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