Kapre Aswang

Session 1

Awakenings, early nights, and pig hunting werewolves

First Nights

The Tree emerges.

An Aspect Powers (Leaves) merged with Anthony, an old old man dying in a hospital bed. An Aspect Powers (Roots) merged with Saul, a delirium minded vagrant dying of exposure in the streets. An aspect of Leaves passed over an impoverished uni student, staggering home after an accident. The student was found dead later that day.

Learning of Self

The awakened pair find themselves at the Tree in their dreams each night. They talk, recognizing each other as parts of the same entity. They observe flow of essence into the tree, the way it can grow if enough builds up, the way they can assimilate essence into themselves to heal the instability caused by awakening and to develop domain and aspect powers.

By experimenting they learn to draw essence from the tree to use their (currently weak) powers and manifest their aspect auras in the waking world. They discover their innate Malevolence, and the Temptation State dynamic, as well as coming to realize the extent of change within themselves, (reversal of aging, clarity of mind, drugs don’t intoxicate, feel indomitable and free from the limits of humanity).

Second Wave

The remaining aspect of Leaves merges withBelinda, a corporate middle manager poisoned by her husband, and her husband’s lover. An aspect of Heartwood merges with Donald, a happy go lucky medico drugdealer (now calling himself ‘..R Trunk’) who was shot dead by bikies in a deal gone wrong.

Meeting up in Real Life

Anthony talks his way out of hospital before his recovery and rejuvenation become undeniably supernatural rather than just medically astounding. The others meet him and, after he recovers some of the money his adult daughter got from selling his old house, the awakened decide to live together in Belinda’s home in Bardon.

Early Weeks

A time of adaption and settling into their new mode of life occurs.

The two second wave awakened assimilate down some of their instability and develop their aspect and domain powers. This, along with more experimentation, keeps the Tree’s reserves of essence below growing point most of the time, even after the slow drain of Anthony’s rejuvenation ends, (his apparent age settles at something fortyish).

Belinda keeps going to work each day. Gradually she eases back from her first stint of locking herself in her office trying to trace her betrayers via transaction records. She begins to reengage with her underlings and workload, having become convinced that she would need to hire a professional investigator to have the best chance of finding her husband and his lover. Clues she did uncover suggest he stayed in the city though, dropping out of their previous social circles entirely, perhaps with the intention of building a new life in something cooking orientated.

Donald twitter stalks the friend who arranged the deal that got him killed while avoiding direct contact. He realizes she isn’t directly to blame and doesn’t hold a grudge, rather his avoidance stems from a mix of caution and a desire to prank her. He does do some brief friday night meetups with other friends however, selling down most of his drugs supply and enjoying his friend’s online confusion as friends mention seeing him (she’s claiming he’s out of town).

Saul spends a lot of time star gazing, experimenting with the psychic powers which confused his mind most of his human life. He finds that he can now clearly distinguish between vision and reality, managing to achieve a vision that the whole world is sliding into the abyss where the red stars burn rather than it being the red stars emerging into this universe. (I also forgot to mention that he can no longer use the second dot of this line of powers at this point since the tree has only achieved its first dot of growth).

Anthony tries returning to volunteering his first weekend out of hospital, but the surprise his old friends express at seeing him and the “you’re looking amazing” type comments dissuade him from going back.

While working in the hospital Donald, reacting to a hair lifting feeling (thrill rather than fear), notices a well dressed man staring at him. Burning some essence to release his active spirit sight shows him the image of a monstrous wolf overlaying the man. Direct confrontation being deflected, Donald follows the man who seems to notice but do nothing about it. Donald sees the well dressed wolf talking casually with upper level administration staff as if he has business with the management.

After some tentative efforts to locate a commercial nursery could purchase, (to take advantage of the leaf aura’s plant growth side effect), Anthony instead spends his time researching the occult (old school library research), focusing on wolfmen after Donald’s encounter.

The characters decide they need to learn some self defense skills, and book a weekend farm stay pig hunting package.

Weekend on the Farm

Met the wife of the pig hunting tours operator and drove with / followed her out to (Belinda brought her fourwheel drive) a property in Kilkoy. At the property they met Xavier, “my friends call me Dave”, their guide. Immediate mutual supernatural recognition ensued – except that Dave seemed to recognize them as fellow werewolves, just being confused as to breed.

After some tension, “what pack are you from?” “why are you here?”, and an aborted drive back to town. The characters spent the weekend pig hunting after all. They told Dave their story, (that rose from the dead spontaneously), and he tried to tell them the basics (from his point of view) of surviving in the supernatural underworld.

He seemed to think they’d need to negotiate with whichever powers ruled their territory in order to live in peace, vampires in the city, loup garou outside. He had a very low opinion of vampires, “untrustworthy licks, leaches that live in nests or inbred cults”. He said the city was a no go zone for werewolves except for the Lunatics who supply drug trade and are almost as bad as the vamps.

He told them the Lunatic Bikie gang was actually, at its heart, a werewolf clan – holding territory most strongly in the hills and rivers country just south of the border, and headquartered in Nimbin. He said they heavily criminal, also that they “did not treat their kinfolk well” locking them up in communes and isolated properties, (apparently nonwolf kinfolk, like Dave’s wife, are important to werewolves). He also mentioned another group of wolves, the Glasshouse Boys. Also a bikie gang this is a much smaller, single pack, faction holding territory north of the city.

He told them his world views; about gia, the wurm of corruption and how the loup garous’ place in things is to intermediate with the spirit world and to cull the human population’s excesses. He expressed his ideas that the characters were some kind of new breed blessed by an archetypal tree spirit, and suggested that they’d be best off getting out of the city and carving a small territory for themselves in an area no larger supernatural factions really want (like he, a lone wolf, did).

And so the weekend passed. The characters also shot some pigs, ate some damper, learned some rudimentary gun and bush craft.

Back to the City

Returning to Belinda’s home in Bardon, Saul was the first to notice the absence of her Belinda’s Dogdog’s welcome. The characters discovered two young intruders searching the house. They turned out to be something supernatural, (vampires?), and quite hostile.

Much tackling, wrestling, biting, and stabbing with broken hat stands ensued. We end the session with Saul behind the couch, having just licked the unconcious and bloody body of one intruder, while the rest of the characters are on the other side of the room holding down and questioning the other.

End of Session Status

The Tree has achieved Growth level One, grown 4pts toward next lvl, and has no essence in reserve.

Anthony is: Calm at Release level One, with 1 aura, and one essence spent.

Belinda is: Calm at Release level One, with 1 aura, and one essence spent.

Donald is: Calm at Release level One, with 1 aura and one essence spent.

Saul is: Restive at Release level One, with 1 aura and three essence spent.

Thanks for reading :)

Next Session – Gangers Everywhere



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