Kapre Aswang

Session 2

Gangers Everywhere!

We established that the in-game season is winter, say late July.

The Interrogation

Belinda, Donald, and Anthony hold down one vampiric intruder while Saul licks supernaturally potent blood from the unconscious body of the other one. Thinking quickly Belinda shuts the front door and urges them to get downstairs further out of sight. The trio with the surrendered vampire go first while Saul follows more slowly, dragging the unconscious vamp while contemplating his inhuman urge to devour it.

Anthony leads the questioning. Closer inspection reveals how young this punk kid is, with his piercings and worn but expensive boots he looks like a middle class runaway.

When asked why they in the house says they were just supposed to be watching the place, but when saw the lights out two nights in a row decided to check it out. “It was all Thom’s idea honest! Please don’t kill us! We had no idea you were such powerful vampires!” Further questioning revealed that a girl called Erin McArthy sent them.

The kids, (late teens / early twenties), all belong to a squatter gang called the R-Zee’s, based in the clubhouse of an abandoned football ground in Zillmere. Erin is one of the leaders, and it seem’s she’d spotted Belinda leaving her office tower in city one afternoon and followed her home wanting to know more about the other vampires in the city. These two punks had been watching the house each night since Thursday.

It seems many of the gang have recently been reborn as vampires under the tutelage of someone Issac (the ganger) called “the black priest”. Issac seemed irrationally infatuated with this black priest person (“he’s the shit man”, “he’s the dark messiah”, “gonna lead us in overthrowing the old order and ruling the world!”). But his story seems to run that the R-Zee’s have been experimenting with occultism when the priest appeared to them six months or so ago and began performing “antimass” / “witches sabbath” ceremonies which involve consumption of an addictive and empowering “blood wine” communion. The black priest turned the gang leader (Rob) into a vampire, and Rob has been turning his lieutenants, and his lieutenants turning other gang members, into vampires as fast as they can, (it’s exhausting / takes an effort of will). Issac noted that gang members turned by lieutenants (like himself) found it too hard to turn others.

When Donald asked why Erin was out during the day (following Belinda) if she was a vampire, Issac said she was too ugly for the priest – “he’s only interested in the pretty ones” – but that the blood wine communion can empower even those who aren’t chosen.

As part of the above Issac also mentioned that priest doesn’t live with the R-Zee’s – “he like appears and disappears as he wills dude”. But a woman called Marie (an older goth woman with pale faced makeup), acts as a contact much of a time, relaying orders etc, especially during the day.

The devouring

While this had been going on Saul has decided to experiment. Biting into the kid’s neck and chewing out chunks until black heart’s blood flowed is enough for saul to work out how to absorbs a fragment containing knowledge of the vampiric potence discipline on the way through.

The others noticed this influx. Belinda had also been out into the back yard during the interrogation to check on her too quiet dog. She found him dead by the back fence, drained of blood. Issac’s shrug “It was Thom’s fault! Said he wanted to know what dog tasted like”, wasn’t enough to cut it this time, and Belinda smashed him with the stone lamp stand.

Amazingly the little punk stayed conscious and, in wild panic, managed to shrug off his captors and run toward freedom. He made it out the back door and into the yard before they brought him down. While the others beat him Anthony laid on hands and (seven successes) devoured the kid’s soul while he was still alive and screaming.

More soul fragments fluttered into the Tree. Anthony snagged and absorbed a potence bearing fragment for himself on its way through.


Belinda raced upstairs, calling that they need to clean up before the police get there. There was blood all over her living room’s hardwood floors again, and the walls, and the roof.

Saul and Anthony found a shovel. In the back yard, below the swimming pool, beside a palm tree they took turns to dig a hole. If asked they’d planned to say it was for the dog, (struck by a car of course), having dragged the Issac’s corpse back inside and laid it next to Thom’s.

But no one ever did ask. The cops never showed up. Seems the neighbors to one side of Belinda’s house were out, while those on the other were listening to a movie loud enough to drown out the real life screams. The characters shared a midnight cup of coffee around the dinner table and dragged themselves off to bed, (or in Saul the stargazer’s case the roof), and sleep.

Where they promptly met each other again in their dream of the Tree. The soul fragments fluttered and much Absorption was done. Saul gained another dot of Intellect, Belinda of Larceny, Anthony of Stamina, while Donald actually abstained. I think he may even have Ameliorated down some of the instability remaining from his awakening (as compared to the others who were busy wracking up even more via absorption).

Monday and the Return of “Normality”

The characters were woken at dawn by Saul’s screams as he leapt, flesh burning, from the roof into the pool. It seems the instability acquired from absorbing vampiric soul fragments does more than just disturb an awakened’s equilibrium. Anthony too was affected, but to a much lesser degree not quite having built up as much taint.

Belinda returned to work, walking in on one of her subordinates having a personal crisis and taking time to offer support as a manager should. That night she notices an increased flow of essence into the tree. Discovering that it was possible to look outwards from the dream of the domain she glimpsed the sleeping, thankful subordinate she’d spent time counseling that morning.

In her spare moments Belinda also spent some time googling properties for sale, acreage properties in areas where the neighbors aren’t quite so worryingly close.

Donald also returned to work, and attended his first anger management class in the evening, discovering that the petty rage of humans is actually quite amusing to someone who has acquired inhuman malevolence and indomitability.

In the evenings Saul wandered the streets of Bardon. After some false starts he managed to find a beat up old moped that the key from Issac’s pocket unlocked. He pushed it back to the house. Using it as a foci for his reverie power induced a vision of a square faced ugly woman laughing wildly waving a snatched handbag while riding on the back of the scooter.

Saul also managed to get out and track down one of his homeless friends, Stix, who has some criminal connections. Flashing a little money and letting Stix know he’s moved up in the world Saul arranges a meeting through Stix with a man who can sell him some guns. He also notices that night a little essence coming from Stix’s way into the tree.

Essence flowed nightly in the tree. The characters assimilated some to pay down a little of their instability.

Erin Strikes

Wednesday afternoon. Erin jumps Belinda in the carpark after work. With a switchblade pressed into Belinda’s neck she demands to know where her friends are. She’s shaking. Belinda, not being intimidated, manages to convince Erin that her friends are “staying” in the Bardon house. She invites Erin back to talk it out and an uncomfortably silent car ride follows.

In the house Belinda introduces Erin to Anthony and Donald while Saul hides in the next room with a meat cleaver ready. It turns out that Erin is not as enamored with the priest as the vampire kids were. She says the blood wine is good shit, but is worried he’s gonna get the whole gang killed throwing them against “”/characters/the-irishman" class=“wiki-content-link”>the Irishman", this vampire prince or whoever the priest has it in for.

She mentions that Marie has been selecting some of the prettier girls from the gang “for the priest”. And that, although the gangers see it as an honor, when these girls leave they never come back again.

She was interested in the characters, after noticing Belinda as a possible vampire or vampiricly empowered, because she wanted contact with another power that could help her offset the priest’s influence. She’s crushed when Anthony tells her that the characters themselves don’t know anyone, and were only reborn themselves a few weeks ago.

Somehow, (and its amazing how many suspicion checks she botched – musta been desperate), the character’s manage to finesse past the issue of Erin’s missing friends, despite a lot of innuendo like “they’re a little tied up right now”. They agree for her to arrange a meeting with Rob the gang leader, in order to discuss things.

She agrees, after yet another botched suspicion check, to call them on Issac’s mobile with the details. She obviously seemed to be hoping they’d help break him free of the priest’s influence. I suspect the characters were more thinking of eliminating possible threats and feeding…

The Gun Deal

Time comes for Saul to meet the dealer Stix set him up with. In the back room of a pub on the south side he meets a fat man eating at a small table. The man tells him he doesn’t want to know what Saul wants them for but he isn’t looking to start a war. He warns that if he hears of big shootouts with the police or any such thing involving these guns the first thing he’ll do is go after Stix. He seems confident Stix will lead him to Saul.

Saul nods seriously and hands over the thousand dollars he’s borrowed from Belinda. Receiving in return a case containing two nine millimeter semi automatic pistols with clip magazines that can hold ten bullets. He finds 40 rounds of ammunition (total) included as well.

Returning to the house he gives one of the pistols and half of the ammo to Anthony, keeping the other for himself.

The Meet

Thursday night the characters drive (the 4×4) to the pub in Geebung where Erin has told them to meet. They park in front of the retail strip across the road, spotting Erin and a yonger ganger waiting for them on the pup steps.

She shows them through a crowded front bar and bustling back room, out into a private beer garden. With shaven head, muscles, vampiric teeth and red eyes, gang boss Rob waits for them sitting atop a bench table like its a throne.

They’ve obviously cleared the beer garden of other customers. Its empty besides Rob, one of his lieutenants beside him, and a big fella leaning against the wall (all vamps to spirit sight). The characters also spotted two extra vampire gang bangers in the dining room crowd. Erin and the kid with her are kept back with them.

Rob starts out borderline hostile, “so you’re the ones been stopping my lads coming back to me”. Just like Issac he’s irrational and infatuated with the priest though, “gonna lead us to victory”, “we’ll rule openly as vampires, once we’ve overthrown the old order”. Tries to recruit the characters. Offers to arrange a meeting with the priest as if he’s doing the a great favor or giving them one last chance. When the characters refuse it boils down to a “are you with us or against us” situation, with the gangers obviously getting ready for a fight. The lieutenant pulling a switch blade, Rob wrapping a length of chain around his fist, the big guy texting on his phone.

When the characters refuse Rob’s lieutenant lunges for Donald, while Rob himself lets out a piercing whistle. Anthony pulls his gun, managing to clip Rob in the shoulder with a shot. Saul wins a tug of war with the big ganger and drags one of the beer garden benches across to blockade the door into the pub dining room. Donald realizes he’s turned up to a fight pretty much unarmed and grabs a beer bottle to take a wild swipe at the lieutenant. The lieutenant dodges the blow but the distraction allows Belinda to slip around and stab him from the side with one of her kitchen knives.

The can see the fledgling vampires pumping strength and potence. The three in the dining room (along with Erin) charge the blockaded door. The very first of them manages to barge the whole blockade aside (five successes) letting the others spill in. Meanwhile however both Rob and his lieutenant have managed to botch their attacks (as in no successes with multiple ones). The lieutenant has cut his own thigh and dropped his blade, while Rob’s gotten his chain tangled and is unable to dodge for a bit.

Both Saul and Anthony (I think) put bullets into Rob, (spending will to ensure at least some success). Anthony’s shot is particularly well placed to do damage, making the young vamp stagger back, almost unconscious.

Here We end our session :)


The Tree is at level One and has grown 8 out of 20 points towards next level. It has 6 points of raw essence, and a dot 2 streetwise soul fragment in its reserves.

Anthony is calm at release level One, with 1 aura, three essence spent, and 6 will remaining.

Belinda is calm at release level One, with no aura and no essence spent, and full will.

Donald is calm at release level One, with 1 aura, and one essence spent, and full will.

Saul is Indulgent at release level One, with 1 aura, three essence spent, and 2 will remaining.

Thanks for reading :)

Next Session – Never Welcome in that Pub Again



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