Kapre Aswang


shitton of changes this week, probably because of season change.

Noticed been too lax about temptation checks, just reminding that the second level temptation is to release power (generate aura) each round when threat of conflict looms. Most of the characters are so unstable they’re walking around at a higher temptation state than this all of the time.

Changed grapple. It’s now a minor, once per round action. Advantage now penalizes the disadvantaged person’s dodge instead of cancelling it altogether (obviously you still can’t dodge completely away while grappled but you can move a bit). You no longer sacrifice advantage to deal damage you just attack. Added throw and lock / choke as maneuvers can do while have grapple advantage.

Changed successive action penalty. It now resets to zero after a character takes its main action (so all minors between main actions penalize). Penalty is reduced to -1 per minor action.

All powers now cost aura to use rather than directly using essence. Generate aura is the exception to this. If you’re using the aura immediately I’ll probably still just hand you the spent essence token and it might be able to be considered a subtle action (regenerating wounds under clothing for example), but technically the aura is still generated then spent.

I’ve added pages for the Tree’s growth effects. These are not powers for your characters their effects that occur when the tree reaches new stages of growth. The whole party might need to make decisions when these occur (eg adaptation).

I’ve added Cries of the World and Enhance to domain dot 0 powers, and the autocanabalism use to devour. These are powers that were either not written up or buried in the concept pages.

I’ve rewritten the concept pages for domain, aura, and release level, since some subclauses were removed (to growth effects etc). This shouldn’t change rules just clarify.

I rewrote Mind’s Reach, and Heighten Senses, mainly for clarity and cost changes but it might affect how you use them.

Added pages for the following powers: Protean (0 to 3), Obtenebration (2 & 3), roots 3, leaves 3, trunk 3, domain 3, auspex (2 & 3).

Changed some costs: Using Malevolent soul to resist an effect now costs 1 aura per roll. Using Devour now costs 1 aura per roll. Establishing mind’s reach now costs 1 aura, and adding non-awakened to the gestault costs 1 aura per person. Establishing heightened senses now costs 1 aura.



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