Kapre Aswang

updates for 17

Huge changes :)

Changed the Index:

Now very long.

No more nested subindexes and hidden pages.

Rewrote / altered many pages:

You’ll need to find and reread your equipment stats, maneuvers, powers, etc before you use the.

Split Domain powers into two seperate lines:

There is now an Inward Looking line and an Outward Looking line of archetypal powers (check them out in the index).

Because of this shuffle, I’ll be getting people to clear their current innate powers and refunding some assimilation exp so they can respec their innates a bit.

Rewrote Maneuvers:

This is a large reworking, in several cases just need to forget the old and read the new.

Block no longer uses strength. Dodging is the most extensively reworked section, having skill and movement capacity give you better dodge options.

Combo Blow replaces Double Cut.

Riposte has an inbuilt advantage for duel wielders too.

Long Burst and Short Burst now incur extra successive action penalty.

Reloading a Break Action gun, can do two shells with one minor action now.

Split Equipment into individual pages:

Some changes to stats, you’ll need to look up your gear again.

Rewrote and changed some basic rules:


Each turn now adds to old initiative score instead starting fresh.

Score can go backward.

Successive action penalty now affects initiative roll, but its the penalty your last main action suffered.


Clarified Maximum Will, Current Will, and Will Depletion.


Clarified Maximum Health, Current health, and Wounds.

There are now 4 levels of wound penalty (-1, -2, -4, -6)

Stagger Penalty:

Now heals by characters Stamina per turn.


Now grants a bonus to attack (and defense).

Formalised concept of “sufficient space” and lengths that yield reach.

Penalty for wielding a weapon too long for the space is now twice the ‘overreach’.

Not completely happy with it, might need to rework it after testing.


Now gives bonus to target’s defense, penalty to wielder’s defense.


Now penalises non fighting actions.

Is indicative rather than strict, (storyteller judges if appropriate).

Negligible actions:

Replaces the old “free” and “not an action” classes.

Takes, but does not add to successive action penalty.

Minor actions:

Now consume (but don’t require) a unit of movement allowance.

Can often move one meter as part of a minor.

Main actions:

Now require and consume a unit of move allowance.

Can move a meter as part of the action unless stated otherwise.

Targeting Body Parts:

Altered effects a little.

Individual attack maneuvers now list where you can target and the penalty for doing so with that maneuver.

Added the following powers:

Archetype – Outward Looking – Dot 2 – Bestow
Obfuscate – Dot 1 – Sleight Aversion
Obfuscate – Dot 2 – Slippery Mind
Obfuscate – Dot 3 – Acceptance
Vicissitude – Dot 1 – Malleable Visage

Merged the following powers:

Amelioration into Assimilation.
Spirit Sight into Spirit Sense.

Changed the dot of the following powers:

Minds Reach > dot 1.
%20Inward%20Looking%20-%20Dot%201%20-%20Devour/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Devour > dot 1 (consequences for tapping cintimani).
%20Inward%20Looking%20-%20Dot%202%20-%20Absorb/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Absorb > dot 2.
%20Inward%20Looking%20-%20Dot%203%20-%20Enhance/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Enhance → dot 3.

Changed the name of the following powers:

Protean 1 now Bestial Senses.
Protean 2 now Gifts of Metis.

Changed how the following powers work:


Improved healing rate of “accelerated natural healing” feature.


Back to allowing to add a dot of equal to or lower value than the release level giving you that dot.

Burrowing roots:

Radius spread is now 1 meter per aura expressed.


Amount of aura can invest now depends on successes in attack.

Breaking free now a minor action maneuver. Successes destroy points of aura instead of effect levels.

Withdrawing aura now a seperate usage of power.

Seeds of Life:

No longer need successes on roll if creating a cintimani, just “spend a will to invest an aura” (still need successes to invest aura into an existing cintimaini.

Changed “scene” duration to “while maintain sufficient release level” on a bunch of powers, including:

Adapted Celerity – Dot 1
Adapted Celerity – Dot 2
Adapted Celerity – Dot 3
Auspex – Dot 1 – Heighten Sense
Fortitude – Dot 1
Fortitude – Dot 2
Fortitude – Dot 3
Obfuscate – Dot 2 – Slippery Mind
Obfuscate – Dot 3 – Acceptance
Obtenebration – Dot 1 – Draw the Shadows Close
Obtenebration – Dot 3 – Flesh of Darkness
Potence – Dot 1
Potence – Dot 2
Potence – Dot 3
Protean – Dot 1 – Bestial Senses
Protean – Dot 2 – Gifts of Metis

Removed “Start of Turn” from the following powers:

Regenerate(although if fail temptation check this is still first thing you’ll be doing after generating aura).
Gifts of Metis

Relegated some pages to unmaintained status:

Roll of the Fallen
Other Concepts



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