Kapre Aswang

updates for 19

I got another week to do this properly :)

Moved the index:

It should now be there when you click wiki tag.

Renamed some stuff::

Term Archetypal changed back to Domain.

Inward Looking line of powers now called Introspection.

Outward Looking line of powers now called Extrospection.

Recapture is now Circulate

Thanks for the help :)

Merged the old ‘generate aura’ powers into Manifest Aura:

It’s rewritten for clarity.

It’s now part of the Domain, Extrospection line of powers.

Removed the old generate aura powers.

Changed the dot of some powers:

Burrowing Roots now dot 0.

Greenwood Flesh now dot 0.

Call the Sap now dot 1.

Petal Fall Hair now dot 0.

Note, Scent of Life and Entanglement remain dot 2 powers (they’re too good for dot 1).

Added some powers to fill the gaps in aspects that moving stuff made:

Aspect of Roots – Dot 1 – Subtle Grasp

Aspect of Heartwood – Dot 2 – Resinous Exudation

Aspect of Leaves – Dot 1 – Verdure

Changed Scent of Life:

Now roll [Resolve + Medicine + Release Level, up to aspect] to see how much aura you can spend in a single action.

This is to bring it in line with verdure and other direct essence expenditure powers, as part of a general attempt to have skill and release level affect the use of these powers.

Added a section for Rituals below the Powers section:

Added two rituals:

Abyssal Mysticism – Dot 2 – Lesser Shadow Servant (yeah it became a dot 2 ritual, sorry).

Abyssal Mysticism – Dot 3 – Comforting Darkness

Added some basic rules pages:

How Maneuvers Work
How Powers Work
How Rituals Work

Just cause I realised the differences not written up anywhere.

Changed effects of activated Spirit Sense (spirit sight):

The bonus to initiative is now +1 dice.

The bonus to perceive mundane effects is now +1 dice.

The bonus to perceiving the supernatural is now equal to [Release Level up to dots in Domain Extrospection powers].

Replace the old Visions dot 2 power with Glean Thoughts:

Basically the old Scenes from the Past power was too similar to Reverie and inferior to it.

Moved the ability to split awareness between body and the Tree:

Took it away from Mind’s Reach.

Added it to Domain Dreaming.

It now costs an aura (which it effectively used to cost anyway when had to raise mind’s reach first).

Changed the default usage of Domain Dreaming:

Instead of automatically projecting into the tree “when asleep” this now occurs “at midnight” (whether awake or asleep), or when dead. It can still occur when sleeping but is no longer reliable (the second usage now covers attempts to nap your way into the Tree).



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