Kapre Aswang

updates for wk 14

So I’ve decided to update the updates page as I go. Stuff will probably be added here up to the next session as I think about shit.

Seeds of Life

So I fucked up. Cintamani should have to contain at least 1 point of aura to avoid (potential) creation spam exploit (in that no limit to how many could eventually create otherwise). I’m making it that if a cintamani is reduced to zero aura it disintegrates. The act of creating a cintamani invests that first point into the cintamani instead of it being consumed. This means that the seeds Anthony created should be 1pt and 2pt cintamani now.

Added a will expendature to the cintamani creation effect of seed of life just as balancing arseholery. Improving an existing seed doesn’t cost will.

Releasing aura from a seed of life is now a use of the Devour power rather than of the seed of life power. This is to make it work as envisaged, (it was unintentionally limiting the other way around).



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