Ehr Zhou

The Letch


A bald and ugly old chinese man who is a powerful vampire of the nosferatu bloodline.

A strong member of Prince Rourke’s court. He holds the valley of his territory, running blood brothels for other vampires custom. He also holds Sunnybank as his private territory.

Zhou’s personal faction is rumored to include several weaker vampires as well as many ghouls, thralls, and blood dolls. He appears to have a sweet spot for collecting statuesque women.

He does not appear to like The Awakened of the Tree having urged the prince strongly to cut off their heads.



Monday 1st August 2016 Characters hear a rumor from Mikael Verneti that Zhou is accusing Isobella of stealing his psychic.
Late July Isobella Yasly told the characters about Zhou’s household and that he was a nosferatu as part of her educating them.
Late July The characters met this zhou in elysium when attending the prince’s summons. Zhou first seemed to want to collect the characters, but after his pet psychic made some apocalyptic sounding prophecies on seeing them he strongly urged the prince to cut off their heads.

Ehr Zhou

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