Erin McArthy

Was once a lieutenant of the R-Zee's


A square faced young woman (ghoul) with punk hair and a sharp switchblade.

She’s was once a leader among the R-Zee’s, becoming a ghoul after imbibing the Dark Priest’s blood wine sacrament. She did not however fall as heavily under his influence, or accept (or possibly just not get chosen for) transformation into a vampire. She was in fact quite worried about the dark priest’s intentions to use the boys of the gang as cannon fodder in his upcoming rebellion, while taking away the girls for some unknown end.

Contact with the awakened resulted in her gang’s destruction. Through convoluted circumstances she has ended up becoming a (love / hate) follower of the Tree, and member of Isobella’s household.



Wednesday 3rd August Left behind when sabbat rebels attack Isobella’s Home
Tuesday 2nd August Found to be in Isobella’s Sanctum helping treat the Infected Zoe Nelson.
Monday 1st August 2016 The characters later hear that the bailiff had removed the surviving r-zee’s and the Prince had them fostered into an unknown vampires care.
Saturday 30th July 2016 Anthony and Saul track her down in the next day. She has fled the hospital only to discover her gang mates all vanished. The characters call on Isobella who feeds Erin some of her own blood to satisfy Erin’s withdrawal sickness and takes Erin into her own household for safe keeping, “until the Prince can sort her out”.
Friday 29th July 2016 Belinda, waking from the Tree glimpses Erin cold, desolate, and shivering from blood withdrawal.
Late July Donald tracks down Erin in hospital, where she is recovering quickly. He moves her and get’s Evan to question her (posing as a ‘friend). Confirms Erin thinks of the awakened as monsters. Gets a bit more detail on The Black Priest and co. Tells Erin the following: That Rob and the other R-Zee’s are still alive, that The Awakened are in league with the black priest, that the pub burned down. Tells her the names Isobella, Rourke, and Zhou to see if she recognized them, (she didn’t).
Late July Fights the characters with other gang leaders in geebung pub. Cut down by Donald (massive slash with a broken bottle to chest and neck) and left bleeding out on the floor. After the fight Anthony binds her wounds and performs emergency aid to stabalise her.
late July Ambushes Belinda at her office carpark. Demand’s to know what the character’s have done with Thom andIssac. They’d been devoured, but Belinda lies well enough that Erin ends up brokering a meeting between gang leaderRob and the characters. She askes them to convince him that the dark priest is using him.
Mid July By focusing on the moped left by Thom and Issac Saul induces a Vision of Erin on the back of the moped laughing uproariously as she snatches a handbag from a pedestrian
Early July Having spotted Belinda outside her office in the city and recognised her as a fellow supernatural Erin follows her home and then assigns Thom and Issac to watch the house, hoping to discover something to offset the influence of the dark priest on her gang.

Erin McArthy

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