Isobella Yasly

The Scholar


A ascetic looking woman and a powerful vampire and member of the Court of Brisbane who Prince Rourke refers to as a scholar and “his consultant”.

Took responsibility for the characters’ entry into ‘High Society’.

Claims the teritory of Red Hill, Ashgrove, and Bardon for herself. Apparently has a small household not believing in keeping childer by her.

Is a ritualist (‘scientist’) of the Tremere bloodline / clan, who apparently was studying the geomancy of the city, especially focused on One Tree Hill. It seems her duties to the prince were to keep the One Tree Hill Rent sealed by keeping the sacrificial victim Ulyana Olah ritually bound in torpor within the rent.



Wednesday, 3rd August Isobella drives the characters down into the rent in pursuit of intruders. They get close enough to spot the intruders (driving a beat up old sedan ahead of them) but are ambushed by two headed dogs and monsterous vozhd. Abigail is killed and Isobella is forced to flee when Saul falls into Serene Violence without enough will left to overcome the temptation to kill and devour Isobella as well as the monsters.
Tuesday 2nd August The characters visit Isobella, finding that she does indeed have Zhou’s psychic, and that the girl as well as Isobella’s human servents are Infected with spiritual parasites. both Healing and Devouring follows.
Monday 1st August 2016 The characters hear from Mikael Verneti that Isobella stands accused of stealing Zhou’s psychic. He asks if they can scope her house and they agree.
Sunday 31st July 2016 Isobella calls to say something has come up, hasn’t been able to see the prince yet, might not be able to make their tuesday apointment.
Saturday 30th July 2016 Isobella comes over at the character’s request to examine Erin, who they’ve found desolate and craving blood. Isobella feeds Erin some of her own blood and takes her home saying she’ll contact the Prince to make proper arrangements as soon as she can.
Thursday 28th July 2016 Isobella takes the characters to a show at elysium at the prince’s request. She introduces them to several important people, seeming quite nervious as does so.
Late July Isobella came to Belinda’s Home several times to teach the characters and to collect samples / study them.
Late July The characters met this character when attending the prince’s summons to elysium for the first time.

Isobella Yasly

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