Previous leader of the R-Zee vampires


Fallen. Devoured.

A buff young man with tattoos, piercings, a shaved head, and a preference for swinging a length of chain as his weapon. He was the leader of the R-Zee’s, and pivotal in their conversion to vampirism. He was directly embraced by the dark priest and in turn embraced as many of his lieutenants as he could.

Was Devoured during a fight in the beer garden of a geebung pub after trying to force the awakened to join the R-Zee’s in the dark priest’s rebellion.



Late July A meeting between Rob and the awakened in a geebung pub goes sour. Rob attacks. He and his gangers are taken down and Devoured (except Erin).
Mid July The characters hear of Rob and his conversion to vampirism fromErin


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