Ruairc O Ruairc

Prince of the City


A big fair featured man who is a powerful vampire. Answers to Rourke or even Rick.

Prince of the Court of Brisbane. The inner council of the camarilla sent he and Mikael to brisbane about 50 years ago to hold it against the sabbat.

He has a small household and holds the suburbs of Ascot, Hamilton, Bulimba, and Hawthorne as his personal territory.

Caibre Tiobraide (Tio – a werewolf, and also irish) seems to be an especial boon companion / lover of the Princes.

The Black Priest seems to hate Rourke in particular referring to him as The Irishman.



Wednesday 3rd August the characters overhear a call from Prince to Isobella where he says he’s under attack from The Black Priest’s Rebellion, he sounds hard pressed (machine gun fire and explosions in background) and is cut off suddenly.
Tuesday 2nd August After the characters heal Curtis, Isobella insists on warning the Prince about Infection. He mentions that things are crazy and already has infected, Anthony has Isobella ask him to send over seven of his infected household members (most of whom the characters then devour.
Thursday 28th July 2016 The character’s attend a show at elysium at the prince’s ‘request’. They see him there and are introduced to some important human people by him.
Late July Isobella Yasly told the characters about the inner council sending he and Mikael to brisbane 50 years ago to hold it against the sabbat.
Late July The characters met this character when attending the prince’s summons to elysium for the first time.
Mid July Issac and Erin both mentioned that the dark priest has mentioned “the Irishman” in his rants of overthrowing the city’s vampire rulers

Ruairc O Ruairc

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