Saul's ol mate


An ex-vagrant with criminal contacts and an eye for making a quick buck. A friend of Saul and follower of the Tree.



Day 1 The characters pick him up and take him to Belinda’s house. They’re attacked by a werewolf, who they devour
Wednesday 3rd August Participates in combat with characters when Maen Bok and The Burning Knives attack Isobella’s Home, ends up with an uzi packed into car with the injured being sent to ‘safety’.
Tuesday 2nd August In the face of ominous events and Infection outbreaking Saul and Donald collect Stix and the guns from Belinda’s house and take him to Isobella’s place. Stix arms himself with one of the shotguns and a sharpened stake.
Saturday 30th July 2016 The characters slip Stix a $50 and ask him to catch a movie when they have Isobella over to examine the blood hungry Erin.
Late July Saul finds Stix, tells him that the gun stuff went wrong and the fat man might be looking for him. Stix moves into Belinda’s house with the characters, becomes a regular contributer to the Tree.
Mid July Stix brokered a meeting between Saul and the Fat Man. The fat man indicated he’d come after Stix first if he had to hunt Saul down for drawing too much police attention with the guns.
Mid July Saul found Stix on the streets, letting him know he’d moved up in the world and asking him about finding someone to sell him a gun or two


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