The Black Priest

Giver of blood wine communion


The character’s haven’t yet met this person.

They’ve heard him described as being awesome by blood addicted sycophants, (“he’s the shit”, “appears and disappears at will”, “gonna lead us to glory”, “gonna make us rulers of the city!”).

The dark priest has been performing witches sabbaths involving blood wine sacrament for the R-Zee’s as well as converting Rob (the gang’s previous leader) to vampirism and encouraging him to turn the rest of the gang. He’s apparently been preaching about a great rebellion, and how they’re going to take down the Irishman and rule the city openly as vampires.

He has an assistant Marie, who relays his orders during the day, and who has also been taking away the prettier girls from among the R-Zee’s for some unknown purpose.

Known Allegiances

The Rebellion He seems to be the leader

Known Enmities

The vampire rulers of the city In particular he seems to hate the Irishman



Mid July Both Issac and Erin described how the dark priest had co-opted the R-Zee’s into his rebellion, addicting them to blood wine sacrament, converting rob to vampirism, and taking away the prettier girls for unknown purpose

The Black Priest

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