This line of powers derives from the Obtenebration discipline found among vampires. Developing this power attunes the awakened character to darkness and to the void from which it seeps.


Obtenebration – Dot 1 – Draw the Shadows Close

Obtenebration – Dot 2 – Smothering Shadows

Obtenebration – Dot 3 – Flesh of Darkness

Obtenebration – Dot 4 – Yawning Void


Obtenebration is one of several powers which can be used to perform rituals from a tradition known as abyssal magic.

A character must have mastered the specific details of a ritual and have dots equal to its level in both obtenebration and occult skill to perform it. Knowledge of specific rituals is sometimes attached to relevant soul fragments or may be developed through study and experimentation.

No rituals currently known.

Lighting Levels

For the purposes of Obtenebration there are several classes of lighting existing in the following (descending) order:

Strong Sunlight Vampires rarely, and only ever briefly, experience this.
Weak Sunlight Sears vampire flesh
Harsh Artificial Lighting Halogen lamps etc. Might be even brighter than dawn’s first light, but (usually) won’t do more than temporarily blind and irritate a vampire
Well Lit Inside a seven eleven, the main thoroughfare of an entertainment district, directly under a streetlight, etc.
Dimly Lit Inside a romantic restaurant, a hospital ward at midnight, an urban street between streetlights
Dark A narrow alley at 2am, a curtained room at night with the lights off, shaded areas in a dimly lit environment, inside a sealed and airtight container
Stygian Does not (usually) occur on earth. For most people it takes an act of will to enter or remain in this darkness.
Void You are generally in deep shit and a long way from home if it’s this dark around you


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