A character’s aura is a supernatural manifestation of the power available to them at any given moment.

The Basics

The Awakened can Manifest Aura.

Manifested Aura contributes to the character’s Release level.

Aura can be spent to use other powers.

Aura transforms the character or its surroundings ( Burrowing Roots, Greenwood Flesh, Petal Fall Hair).

The strength of your currently expressed aura can be calculated in levels using the standard thresholds table.

The maximum amount of aura a character can have expressed at any given moment is as much as would make their aura level (see below) equal to their current release level, or 1 point at release level 0.

At the end of a scene unspent aura dissipates.

Complications and Notes

If a character spends aura immediately after expressing it (eg regeneration) it might be considered a subtle use.

Spending Aura doesn’t contribute to Malevolence. Manifesting Aura does.

The amount of aura you can spend in a turn is not limited. That is, you can spend all aura you have accumulated on a single effort if you want to. However note that the amount of aura you can express each round is limited (equal to your current release level).

The basic transformations ( Burrowing Roots, Greenwood Flesh, Petal Fall Hair) which happen when manifesting aura are involuntary. Higher dot transformations are usually voluntary.

The exact time it takes for unspent aura to dissipate after a scene is up to the story teller’s discretion. It may be possible to spend will to extend this time in some circumstances.

When a character dies their release level drops to zero and they lose control of their aura which starts to dissipate. If they resurrect before the aura is completely gone they may reclaim it with an act of will.

Aura Levels

The strength of some powers and transformations is determined by character’s current aura level, or dots in the relevant line of powers, whichever is lower.

Aura level is calculated from how many points of aura a character currently has (ie manifested but not yet spent). The standard thresholds are used to calculate level. So, for example, the first point manifest gives aura level 1, manifesting two more points (total three) gives level 2, manifesting three more (total 6) to reach level 3 , four more (total 10) to reach lvl 4, etc).

Note some awakened can encyst, invest, or otherwise separate aura from themselves. While these separated bits of aura count toward the maximum amount of aura the character can express they don’t count toward the aura level of the character’s passive effects (they’re too far away).

Aspect transformations are the most common powers to use aura level.

Effect Level

The strength of some uses of transformations and powers is measured in ‘effect levels’.

The maximum effect level a character can achieve equals Release Level or the characters dots in the line of powers being used, whichever is lower.

Effect Level is calculated by counting the number of aura spent on a particular use of, or transformation caused by, a power, and then comparing that to the standard thresholds.

Some powers enable extra aura to be spent on a particular transformation in subsequent turns by using the same power again, improving its effect level. This expenditure still can not cause the effect level to exceed either Release Level or the character’s dots in relevant line of powers. If the character’s release level drops below the transformation’s effect level then the effect level drops to the new release level. If the character’s release level were to rises again then more aura must be spent to raise the transformation’s effect level again.

Transformations from non-aspect lines of powers usually use effect level.

Direct Accounting

For some powers the strength of each use is directly proportional to the amount of aura spent.

For example: “+1 dice per aura spent”

The maximum benefit a character can gain from these powers equals the benefit gained from spending aura equal the the characters release level or dots in line of powers used (whichever is lower). So there isn’t any point spending more.

‘One shot’ powers with an aura expenditure per use are the most common to have their power scale via direct accounting.


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