Belinda's Home (bardon)

This is Belinda’s million dollar home in bardon (inner west).

It has; lovely hardwood floors, an open plan kitchen / dining room, several bedrooms, a downstairs area, an enclosed carport, room down the side for a small boat, a roof onto which it is possible to climb and lay star gazing, a second story veranda with a view, and a pool with a palm tree – below which the corpses of a dog and two vampires are buried.

The neighbors are quiet and generally incurious bunch.


See Inventory for significant items.

Associated Characters

Belinda lives there
Anthony lives there
Donald lives there
Evan lives there
Saul lives there
Stix lives there
Isobella Yasly visits regularly
Erin McArthy been there a couple of times
Belinda’s Dog buried in the back yard
Thom buried in the back yard
Issac buried in the back yard


Saturday 30th July 2016 The characters bring Erin back to the house. She has escaped from hospital and is suffering blood withdrawal and desolation from the disapearance of her friends. Isobella comes over, examines Erin and feeds her some of her own blood, before taking her away to her own home.
Friday 29th July 2016 Saul Brings back several shotguns and boxes of ammo he’s bought from The Fat Man’s Organisation
Late July 2016 Evan spends several days digging a trench around the backyard and lining it with stakes.
Early July Saul, who had been in the habit of sleeping on the roof and gazing at the red stars, wakes the household at dawn: leaping screaming and burning, down into the pool, having absorbed just a little too much vampiric soulstuff the night before.
Early July The character’s surprise Thom and Issac, fledgeling R-Zee vampires, while they’re searching the house. Interogation, Death and Devouring ensue. The vampires bodies are burried in the back yard behind the pool below the corpse of Belinda’s dog (which the vamps had killed).
Mid June Anthony, Donald, and Saul move in, after they and Belinda meet each other in dreams, recognize each other as aspects of the same entity, and help Anthony get out of hospital.
Mid June Imogen and Henry (Belinda’s husband) feed Belinda rat poison, explaining that they’re in love and need the money before they run away. They leave Belinda a knife and suicide note for when the pain gets to bad, but instead Belinda dies, merges with an aspect of leaves, and recovers, cleaning up and going to work the next day to hunt them down.
March Belinda welcomes her friend Imogen to stay after Imogen’s business fails.

Belinda's Home (bardon)

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