Concepts - Other - Quintessence

Magical Materials are physical materials embodied with quintessence.

Quintessence is mystical force. It has traits relating to the nature of the material within which it came into being. So for example the Quintessence of a Vampire’s blood contains traits of darkness, violence, and life. It is ultimately an Entropic force.

Practitioners of the Occult can use quintessence from magical materials to empower their workings but care must be taken to match the materials’ nature to the effect which the magician desires to produce. Miss matches can hinder the working and / or produce unintended side effects.

It is common for practitioners of the Occult to describe magical materials as belonging to different grades (eg: low, medium, high) as well as by their traits. Grade is a qualitative difference. It is more difficult or impossible to successfully complete a ritual using lower grade material than required even if many more quintessence points of that material are available.

Awakened are able to Devour Essence, or Gnaw Primal Essence from the quintessence of magical materials of suitable grade.

Concepts - Other - Quintessence

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