Domain - Extrospection - Dot 0 - Domain Dreaming

At midnight the character’s consciousness projects into the Tree.

Requires The Tree is undergoing midnight growth, or, the character is dead, or, the character is asleep (not reliable).
Cost None
Action Automatic
Effect The character’s body is non-responsive. It will automatically pull essence to regenerate (if required).
Effect Within the Tree the character exists as an insubstantial projection. They can talk and listen, but they can’t physically move or affect things.
Effect The effects of being inside their domain count for the character in regards to their release and aura levels. The character can directly choose and break down soul fragments into essence
Effect The character can Absorb soul fragments, Assimilate essence, or Ameliorate instability.
Effect The character can use Spirit Sense to trace the flow of incoming essence back to its origins in the real world

The character can attempt to split their consciousness between the Tree and their active vessel’s surroundings.

Cost 1 Aura.
Action Minor, once per round, Extended.
Roll Will + Release Level up to dots in Domain Extrospection.
Note Can opt to cancel successes.
Duration Scene, or until dropped
Effect The character takes a penalty to all perception and initiative checks for their vessel equal to their accumulated successes (they become less aware of the world around their body).
Effect If the character has a single success they may use Cries of the World to glimpse the availability and situation of desperate souls as if they were watching from the Tree (basically extend scan times).
Effect Once the character has built up two or more successes they may use Spirit Sense, to trace essence coming into the Tree and glimpse the location and situation of followers, or other contributors, as if the character were watching from the Tree.
Effect Once the character has built up three or more successes they may break down fragments into raw essence as if they were fully at the Tree.
Effect Once the character has built up four or more successes they may Regeneration of one of their vessels as if it were at the Tree but while active in the world in another of their vessels.

Domain - Extrospection - Dot 0 - Domain Dreaming

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