Domain - Extrospection - Dot 0 - Spirit Sense

The Character can sense essence flowing into and out of the domain.

Cost None
Action Reactive, Negligible
Roll None

The character has a chance to notice supernatural power in their physical vicinity.

Cost None
Action Reactive, Negligible,
Roll [Wits + Awareness + Release Level (up to dots in domain)]
or [Intellect + Investigate + Release Level (up to dots in domain)]
depending on situation.
Effect The character experiences an ominous, hair lifting sensation. Because the awakened are malevolent this is more likely to fill them with anticipation than fear.
Effect Spirit Sense can overcome or be overcome by supernatural effects which would conceal a phenomena. Successes compete.

The character can upgrade their latent spirit sense into an active “Spirit Sight”.

Cost 1 aura
Action Minor
Duration While Maintain at least Release Level 1
Effect The character’s eyes turn a supernaturally vivid green with earth brown flecks. Their ears become pointed. Phloem like veins stand out under the skin around eyes, ears, and finger tips spreading a sap green tinge into the skin there.
Effect +1 dice to initiative rolls.
Effect +1 dice to rolls for perceiving mundane effects.
Effect Bonus dice equal to [Release level up to dots in Outward Archetypal powers] to rolls for perceiving supernatural effects.

While Spirit Sight is active the character may actively look / listen / feel for supernatural presences.

Cost None
Action As part of a perception maneuver, or Minor Extended.
Roll As for Spirit Sense, except that Spirit Sight attempts can be extended over a number of turns equal to the character’s release level, building up successes as it goes.
Modifiers Opposed by supernatural concealing effects just as for spirit sense. Successes on such effects oppose each spirit sight roll.
Modifiers Penalties if the character is moving around vigorously between attempts.
Effect Each success (over any obscuring supernatural effects) yields a clearer impression of type, strength, distance, and direction to the phenomena involved.
Effect If the character can physically see the thing it is using Spirit Sight to sense then it may “see” an image laid over its physical sight revealing the true nature of the phenomena.

While Spirit Sight is active the character may trace in flowing essence back to its source to glimpse a contributor to the Tree. Or they may try to glimpse a fellow awakened or a known follower of the Tree.

Requirement Must be in the Tree
Cost None
Action Minor
Roll [Intellect + Investigation + Release level up to dots in outward archetypal powers]
Effect Glimpse the contributor’s identity and situation.

Domain - Extrospection - Dot 0 - Spirit Sense

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